Hand crafted customised jewellery by SIM SIM SILVER

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The art to create and perfect the desired design requires peculiar attention and patience.

It takes time to develop the flawless touch of the border and embedding the gemstone in the jewellery. This work is passed on to multiple artisans and they put their skills into work.

Filing the jewellery body frame

The casted body of jewellery design is filed by our artisan, where he removes the excessive silver/gold/metal and smoothens the surface.

Preparing it for further process

After smoothening of the surface, the gemstones go for the setting in the Jewellery. The setting of the gemstones requires another artisan hands thus it takes a lot of time depending upon the number of gemstones and size. Lastly, the Jewellery is polished and sent further for additional layering of the metal/gold/silver.

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